rainbow Khuyas

rainbow Khuyas

“I found your sessions to be hugely changing and transformative but not all at once. It was only later that I realised the full extent and power of the changes. I feel happier and am enjoying my life more than ever before, thank you.”

Tom Lawrence, Acupuncturist, Edinburgh, November 2010

Ali gave me the information and clear guidance that I needed. My depression has lifted in just a few sessions and she continues to provide me with the tools for transformation. A gentle and sympathetic healer, I highly recommend her.
Beverley E. Sussex

Working with Ali has made a tremendous impact on my life. The shamanic sessions bring together energy work, visualisation, reflective counselling and pure transcendent magic into a fantastic package, helping me to reflect and move on. Ali is a sensitive and grounded practitioner, who is able to hold a safe space during the sessions. The work has enabled me to become more self-aware, helping me to make informed choices around some difficult decisions.

I love everything about the sessions and the shamanic work has become part of my life. A great support mechanism, thank you.

R.Fairweather – Co-Director of The Jing Institute of Advanced Massage , Brighton 2013.

Having been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer,I decided to try shamanic healing.I chose Ali because I liked the structured way she described what she does. I have since found every session revealing,healing and joyful.She creates a wonderful ‘ listening and affirmation‘ space. Her comments are clear and simple.

As I’m using many different therapies including orthodox chemotherapy in my cancer treatment, it isn’t possible to attribute the gradual shrinking of my tumour to any particular one. However, I’m absolutely clear that the shamanic sessions have significantly removed underlying stress patterns, reintegrated personality aspects which have been in conflict for most of the 60-odd years of my existence and made it possible to maintain mental and emotional balance through this challenging period.
V.J, Brighton 2012.

Ali has taken me on a wonderful and deep energetic journey. I felt very safe and well held throughout the session. Ali’s way of working is professional and gentle and she makes it easy for the client to move into the healing space with trust and an open heart.

I could really sense her deep connection to nature and the passion and experience she brings to her work. At the end of the session I felt very grounded, light and confident about my next steps.
Karen, London

I attended a Medicine Wheel workshop dedicated to the South direction, facilitated by Neil and Ali , who are totally dedicated to the path of Spirit and enlightenment, void of self importance. Their integrity shines through and I trusted them implicitly, which is essential for this deep, connecting work. I have attended many wonderful, experiential workshops in the last thirty years but this was something  different and of a high nature.  Although it is called a workshop I would describe it more in terms of a deep communion with something that resides within me, awaiting my call. This led me to perceive what I needed to ‘let go ‘ of and what I needed to ’embrace’ if I wished to become more of my inner Truth and Beauty. The most powerful exercise for me was creating my own sandpainting which changed and evolved over the weekend. By the end of this time, I had received many insights and knew what was holding me back. It is almost a month since the course now and I have received so many gifts in many forms, in shadow and light, from Sacha Mama. I can unreservedly recommend these  Medicine Wheel journeys if you are intending to let go and uncover your true self. 

Pamela, Manchester 2013.

I attended a two day course with Ali and Neil and it was amazing. I began it feeling quite unconfident and lost in my life, unsure of what I was doing and of myself. After two days of beautiful and powerful ceremonies I feel revived, more confident and more at peace in myself than I have for a while. They are caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful healers / guides and they gave themselves to the course as much as we did. As with these courses the more you put in the more you put out. I thoroughly recommend them. 

K.Torode, Brighton 2013.

We felt it was the best experience we have ever had, I think we both felt we connected with a type of energy and way of being that we had been seeking for such a long time.  We both love nature and ritual and ceremony and were very moved by how simple but strong these were in your teachings this weekend.   Neil and yourself are a powerful force and a really amazing combination for this kind of work, making it accessible to the uninitiated like ourselves and yet keeping that focus and magic and honouring the energy you both work with.  

S and S. Reason Manchester, 2013.

The whole workshop was thoroughly and thoughtfully planned providing fun and challenges in equal measure.  You both created an atmosphere that was supportive, safe and nurturing so that the personal challenges could be approached with confidence and openness. Your experience and deep knowledge of the tradition shone through giving all the work strength and integrity.  A powerful experience in every way!  Many thanks.
D. Adamson, Manchester 2013.


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